Father Shiftmas (Holiday Shifter Paranormal Romance)

Father Shiftmas (Holiday Shifter Paranormal Romance)

All he wants for Christmas is… to be a dad?

Cora Reynolds and her baby were abandoned by her ex and are evicted and made homeless for Christmas. There is no one to turn to and salvation is thousands of miles away. An oncoming snowstorm threatens the life of her child and she can’t afford to tough it out.

She must act now.

Cora has always done everything by the book but desperation has changed her reality and she will do anything to protect her baby. Even if that means breaking the law.

Joseph Stone, security guard and bear shifter, believes he is happy with his solitary life. He likes the simplicity of his routine, enjoys the safety that it provides him.

Ask anyone: he doesn’t need or want change.

But one snowy night an intruder upsets the balance of his world. He’s used to dealing with shoplifters, but this break-in is far from the norm.

Now with a crying baby in his arms, Joseph is left considering something he’s never entertained before. Fatherhood!

Father Shiftmas is a short paranormal holiday romance with a HEA and no cliffhangers.

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