Garmin G1000 Training and Flying Tips

Garmin G1000 Training and Flying Tips

The Garmin G1000 glass-cockpit radically changes the way general aviation pilots work in the cockpit. It also requires good training, be it for new pilots or for pilots used to classical, steam gauges dashboards.

This eBook is written by a private pilot for private pilots. It covers both VFR and IFR aspects of flying with the G1000. The author wrote it after getting trained on the G1000 and gathering some time behind this new glass cockpit. It contains the tips that he wish he received before his own training.

The main topics covered by this eBook are:
– What is the G1000?
– Benefits of the G1000
– Get prepared for your training
– 12 top tips
– Training resources

This book will help you reduce your training costs and make you a better G1000 pilot!

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