Lion Trip (Vacation Shapeshifter Paranormal Romance)

Lion Trip (Vacation Shapeshifter Paranormal Romance)

Cammy Preston might have planned for the beaches of Hawaii but what she got was a hot shifter named Ethan, the spectacular backdrop of South Africa, and a world she never imagined.

Though a plague of mishaps keeps putting off Cammy’s attempts at seducing Ethan, she’s determined she’s going to have the hot holiday fling she’d decided on when she first met Ethan.

He encourages her efforts but somehow she always ends up with him either picking her up off of the floor or taking her to her bed to rest. She wants him to take her to bed, but for far more than a rest before her next injury. One way or another she will have the man that fills her dreams with erotic longing, even if she breaks a leg in the process.

WARNING: This book contains mature language and themes, intended for adults only.

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