Travelon Hanging Handbag Organizer – Set of 2 (Chocolate Damask)

Travelon Hanging Handbag Organizer - Set of 2 (Chocolate Damask)

  • Use it for handbags
  • towels
  • toys
  • cold weather accessories

Format: Retail PkgAge: Platform: N/ANeatly organize handbagsand other accessories Product InformationIf you need quick and easy organization for your handbagcollection, then you need the Hanging Handbag Organizers. The set comeswith two hanging organizers that each feature six compartments toeasily hang and organize your handbags in a closet. Each organizer hasa solid color center and three printed pattern open compartments oneach side for a look that’s stylish as well as orderly. Hang theorganizer in a bedroom closet for handbags and other accessories or putit in a hall closet to neatly organize hats, scarves, and gloves forthe winter season. When not in use, each organizer neatly folds flatfor easy storage or travel.Product Features Neatly organize your collection of handbags and get them upoff the floor Each compartment expands to about 7 to accommodate smalland large handbags Set includes two organizers with six compartments each Features a hanger-like hook so it easily hangs in a closet Use it for handbags, towels, toys, cold weatheraccessories, and more Folds flat for easy storage when not in useSpecifications Color: Chocolate Damask Quantity: 2 organizers Number of Compartments: 12 (6 perorganizer) Dimensions When Opened: 43 x 14 x12.75 (H x D x W, Approx.) Dimensions When Folded: 12.75 x 12 x1 (W x H x D, Approx.)

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